Cell Phones And Its Effect On Society

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Title Technology has advanced extremely over the years causing our life style to change drastically and head down a new path. With this technology, the cell phone was created and over the years has advanced itself. The cell phone has become a necessity to many. All ages use this mobile device for either personal or business uses. Higgins states that the amount of cell phones active has increased from “one billion in 2000 to 6 billion.” Although cell phones paly an important role in the lives of many, the negative possibilities could cause destruction to our society. According to Russell Ware, a cell phone is “any portable telephone which uses cellular network technology to make and receive calls.” A cell phone works through a maze of cellular towers that cross the world. This connects mobile devices which allowa texting and calling between two cellular devices. Motoroal produced the first commercially available cell phone which officially went on sale in 1984 (Ware). This cell phone was called the DynaTAC 8000x which cost an extreme amount and only contained a battery of 30 minutes (Ware). Since this first masterpiece, the cell phone has advanced and developed into an entirely new object. Cell phones today contain the ability to text, call, use the internet, play games, and store files (Cell Phone). With technology advancing rapidly, the cell phone has progressed to become capable of completing higher tasks. Even though technology has tremendously changed, not all

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