Technology And Technology

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Technology constantly consumes the lives of Americans whether that be in a car, a home, or in the palm of a hand. It continues to progress and is making outstanding changes for society, but what may not be realized is how it is negatively changing the identity of Americans. The most valuable assets of humans such as autonomy, the freedom to express beliefs, and the sense of fairness and justice are being compromised by technological advancements. The erosion of the traditional American identity has become prevalent, and if society continues to allow these radical technological changes the future of America may be in jeopardy. What needs to be addressed are the negative effects of social media and news outlets, and how the people are conforming their lives around them. With the continuation of the publics demise into technological control, there is no telling what the future of the American identity will be.
Americans are known for being wildly independent and having a strong sense of self but with the introduction of more technological innovations, specifically apps such as Instagram and Facebook, self-identity is beginning to disappear. Autonomy has always been an important aspect of American people, with strong opinions and knowledge of who they are, but these apps are slowly conforming society into one. With the pressure to be perfect, media outlets allow people to stray from who they really are to create the ideal self. It has become prevalent in younger generations of

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