Technology And Technology : Improper Use Of Technology

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Parents Be Aware Improper use of technology at home and school are raising questions on how this could change a child’s life (Subrahmanyam). Children are allowed to have unlimited access to their devices because parents believe these have educational benefits. This unlimited access has detrimental effects on children. Unfortunately, these long-term effects can start to show later in adulthood. Granted, a majority of schools use technology in the classroom, but parents are still responsible for monitoring their children’s use of technology. Parents can set an example for their children of how to properly use these devices. Children who are introduced to technology at an early age, without proper supervision, will likely suffer from childhood obesity, lack of social skills and behavioral disorder. Researchers with The American Association of Pediatrics (AAP) are urging parents to become aware of the long-term effects of screen time. These effects are slowly developing over time. One impact is childhood obesity (Chan). A child will start to develop symptoms of childhood obesity because of poor eating habits, lack of physical activity and targeted marketing advertisement from the media. Experimental laboratory studies have claimed that TV viewing is associated with unhealthy eating habits which is a large contribution to obesity. These unhealthy snacks can later cause higher sugar levels and be stored as body fat. Chan from Harvard University is recommending that children

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