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“Today’s social media has undeniably transformed our means of communication, created new opportunities for brands and universities and even brought personality back into a digital world” (Willis 4). Through the recent years, technology advances have shaped the way we view and use social media. From texting on smart phones, internet platforms, smart cars and homes, technology is making it easier and more accessible to explore new possibilities. Some argue that this will make society lazy and unintelligent, I disagree. We our expanding our knowledge and the way we learn, pushing boundaries farther, and it is only the beginning. The new wave of technology and social media is expanding our world for the better.
Social media and technology are providing different ways to share new information with its users. People have all the information they wish to learn right at their fingertips. In her article, Judith Newman describes her son’s enlightening interactions with Apple’s voice automated system, Siri. “Gus had never noticed Siri before, but when he discovered there was someone who would not just find information on his various obsessions (trains, planes, buses, escalators and, of course, anything related to weather) but semi-discuss these subjects tirelessly, he was hooked” (Newman 1018-1019). Not only can technology educate us on our surrounding fascinations, but social media can provide insight to what lifestyles are like in other cultures

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