Technology And The Internet Reducing Pupil's Attention Span

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We can all attest to the fact that technology has made our lives better in numerous ways. We have the ability to communicate with people in different countries with the use of a cell phone. We are able to communicate with our loved ones via Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat etc... People are living longer because technology continues to advance, and the more it advances, the more we find answers and cures to diseases. Senior citizens are living longer which enables them to see their family develop. Technology has also increased the speed in which we receive and find information. Academically, students now have more of advantage than those who attended school without the usage of smartphones, computers, and Google the world's biggest search …show more content…

The definition of this phrase has been washed up and altered. Defined by Webster dictionary, interaction means to have the ability to interact with someone by talking, looking sharing or engaging in any kind of action that involves two or more people (Webster dictionary) However, this definition is slowly changing the more we explore the growth of technology and we are seeing it occur in our everyday lives. For example, in an academic setting such as a classroom where a student’s full undivided attention and interaction is needed, has not been the same since the rise of technology. In the article “Is Technology and the Internet Reducing Pupil’s Attention Span” it states, internet and gadgets are making it harder for students to concentrate when in an academic environment. The Pew Research Centre survey 2,500 hundred teachers and the outcome stated that 77% of them agreed the internet had a positive effect on students when it pertains to research papers and so on; 87% felt that modern technology is creating an easily distracted generation with short attention spans. A recent study that proved one’s attention span is shortened with too much usage of technology and the internet done by Karina Linnell in the department of physically at Goldsmiths, University of London, concluded that people from the tribe Himba had a longer attention span being that they lived in the wild and did not use technology. However, a different group of people …show more content…

Instead of finding means of connecting with their children, some parents are joining social media sites, talking more on the phone, checking emails or watching their favorite reality shows. They are becoming more dependent on technology and that creates a division between a parent and a child. So what does this mean? Well, it means that parents may be taking their children to parks but are not joining them to play. It means that parents are rushing their conversations with their children, it means that parents may be passively encouraging their children to stay indoors on their laptops and I pads instead of exploring nature. It may also indicate to children that their parents don’t think they are important because they do not have their

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