Technology And The Overall Digital Landscape Essay

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Information Technology and the overall digital landscape are ever evolving to accommodate the convenience of the end-user. Integration of personal employee devices into the corporate computer network is only one of many major phenomenona that have emerged as a result of the latest convenience driven IT trends. Also known as Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), the interface of personal mobile and digital devices into the heart of a company’s private computer network is a topic of great controversy. The inception of the BYOD environment raises new security and corporate policy concerns previously unheard of within the realm of Information Assurance professionals and corporate executives alike. The decision to implement such an environment in light of these considerations largely comes down to a cost benefit analysis on the part of an organization’s senior management; an organization must determine whether the cost of a potential security breach is worth the perceived benefits of increased employee productivity and an increase in the general efficiency of business processes. However, the central issue remains: should BYOD be adopted in an enterprise environment? Research indicates the adoption of BYOD in the enterprise largely results in subsequent security breaches and leads to an inadequate and outdated corporate security policy, a gravely neglectful security stance that poses extreme risk to a business and its confidential data; therefore, BYOD should not be implemented in a
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