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Providing Representations in Multiple Modalities
Mathematica software enables students to see a graphical representation of any function. By changing equations or using different values for variables, students develop a deeper understanding of mathematics by viewing changes in the graphical representations.
A key understanding in pharmacy education is that the action of drugs depends on the "fit" between particular molecules in the body and the molecular structure of drugs, in a kind of "lock and key" relationship. However, students often have difficulty visualizing molecules as three-dimensional objects. A pharmacy professor uses molecular modeling software to create self-paced assignments which require students to …show more content…

Students can work individually or in small groups to develop "maps" of related concepts they have studied or to organize ideas prior to writing. The technology makes possible moving seamlessly between verbal and visual modes (left and right brain?) and instant revision.
Learning to Use the Tools of Scholarship
A vast repository of computer-based research data is available from the Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research for fields such as health care, organizational behavior, census, economic behavior and attitudes, and legislative bodies. Students can perform secondary analyses on these data, thereby learning how to frame research questions, analyze data, and interpret results.
Perseus is an encyclopedic database of Greek archaeology, history and ancient texts with Greek and English translations and morphology. This database includes site plans, coins, sculpture, and poetry. Perseus allows students to ask questions and seek answers from authentic primary source materials.
Simulating Laboratory Work
A.D.A.M. (Animated Dissection of Anatomy for Medicine) is a simulated human being with all anatomical structures from skin to bone. Students can explore various facets of human anatomy by simulated dissection, learning how structures relate to one another.
In analytic chemistry, SpectraDeck displays actual infrared and mass spectra as if created by an instrument. Students can query the system to

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