Technology : History Of Computers

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Carlo Sorvillo
Daphine Ethington
English IV
22 October 2015
Technology: History of Computers
Computers have taking a huge chunk of our everyday lives. If it be using a smartphone or any other type of technology. Computers have influenced a revolution in the way we live. But it was not always like this, before computers became a necessity, very few people had them in their houses. Only the people that could afford these big clunks of metal had them. As time would go by and technology grew a computer would find a home in everyone’s household. The history of computers is a vast ocean of events that happened to make computers user friendly to where young children can even use computers. We going to learn about the history of computers and how it has become such a big part of our everyday life. Starting off with the first computer to then newest in technology. After the history of computers is the hardware the make the computer and how the technology has dramatically changed over the recent years. Explaining the importance of hardware in computer, such as CPU, MOTHERBOARD, GPU and, HDD (Hard Disk Drive). Software will be the final and last topic to learn about. Going over Microsoft Windows and Apples iOS . Computers have just broke the tip of the sword and are getting bigger every year. From being humongous calculators to handheld computers. Who knows what the future holds for computers, but we know it’s going to be huge.
The first computer was actually an audio oscillator,
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