Technology Is Effective And Efficient Form Of Teaching

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When my partner and I were looking for options on what to research, we decided that we were going to research something that we were actually interested on, we decided to research “Technology in Physical Education”. Many would think to themselves, how can technology be useful in PE? Technology over the years has played a big role in improving PE and finding out new ways to better students. Technology in PE is effective and efficient form of teaching, it’s accessible, and best used when the technology is appropriate. The way that technology can be effective in PE is by making sure that the technology you are using is having a positive impact in your classroom and your teaching methods. There are some technology that has a huge impact on …show more content…

By being able to go online, you can teach students many things. As health concerns, you can show the kids healthy food choices at a young age so as they grow they start to realize for themselves what is healthy and unhealthy. Also, when teaching a certain sport or trying to explain something, a teacher can simply go online and research more on the topic to get a better understanding of what has to be taught. By showing the student’s videos of how to do certain things, the students can understand it better so when it is time to perform the task they can recall to watching the video and perform the task. There are also many inspiration videos so that they kids can get motivated and excited to attend gym class. When a teacher isn’t strong in a certain subject they can go online and research more so that when it is time to present to the class they can be more familiar with the topic and effectively teach the students on what to do. Accessibility plays a huge role because teachers have the ability to adapt to the way different learning styles of students. There are different kind of games that the teacher can teach so that each student can have fun and learn out of. There are some kids who learn in different ways. Some are visual learners, some need extra explanation, and most important, there are some kids who are overweight and have disabilities. But

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