Technology Is Effective And Efficient Form Of Teaching

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When my partner and I were looking for options on what to research, we decided that we were going to research something that we were actually interested on, we decided to research “Technology in Physical Education”. Many would think to themselves, how can technology be useful in PE? Technology over the years has played a big role in improving PE and finding out new ways to better students. Technology in PE is effective and efficient form of teaching, it’s accessible, and best used when the technology is appropriate. The way that technology can be effective in PE is by making sure that the technology you are using is having a positive impact in your classroom and your teaching methods. There are some technology that has a huge impact on PE. For example, being able to record students’ progress faster, grade book, teacher/ parent correlation, videos/pictures, and also teaching yourself. As being able to record student’s data with technology, you can have the program to save all the tallies of what the kids got done. Also recording students is a way to see if they are doing the correct movements they were told to do. If they are not doing the movements correct due to what is shown in the recording, you can put it in slow motion and explain to them how they can improve and what needs to be fixed in order for them to get the correct movements. The online grade book also plays a big role in teaching because again you can keep a tally of what the student has done, attendance and…
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