Using Passive Learning With Limited Opportunities For Student Interaction

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Prior to this course my method of delivery followed that which I had received myself, a traditional, didactic style, varied only by a tutors individual style. This can be extremely effective when delivered in an enthusiastic manner and with a lecturer who can cover their subject in great depth however, this does take the form of passive learning with limited opportunities for student interaction. Such a situation can lead to disengagement and boredom rather than the active learning, open interactions and participation I have learnt about during this course. The traditional a approach I had therefore started with has been heavily criticised over the years for offering the minimum of student engagement whilst attempting to mould the student …show more content…

It should not be considered sufficient just to use technology without a deeper purpose, otherwise it may become a passive rather than an active tool. The proper integration of The pedagogy should be properly integrated into the use of any technology with the lecturer guiding the student through, for example the video or suggesting situations to look out for and consider, ‘Technology makes possible strategies that could not otherwise be implemented’ and as such it is the pedagogy that makes for its effective use. (Schmid et al, 2014 p.284. (p.14)
Whilst undertaking the course I developed reservations about the promoted benefits due to the integration of assessments for learning which could take up time otherwise devoted to the presentation of in depth knowledge especially where time was of the essence. I developed reservations that this would follow a pattern of today’s multi platform media news presentations where information relies on impactive attention seeking headlines and short form ‘information bites’ which could threaten higher thinking skills. In researching for patch 4 I believe my concerns mirrored what is known as bite sized learning which according to D SC Learning and Teaching (2011) is an approach developed only in the United Kingdom to address the perceived skills gaps in industries during the recent economic downturn.

The course has made me aware that all

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