Technology Is Invisible From Magic By Arthur C. Clarke

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"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." This quotation from Arthur C. Clarke relates to the 21st Century and the ground-breaking achievements and discoveries it has brought upon world. The coming of the 21st Century saw the birth of electronic vehicles to oppose the common combustion engine vehicle. Electric vehicles today, compared to those of the early 21st Century, have evolved to function more effectively and efficiently. However, Electric Vehicles are still attacked by critics who question the efficiency and how much "greener" the vehicles are compared to combustion engine vehicles. Electric vehicles are more efficient than combustion engine vehicles because they produce zero tailpipe emissions, offer a significant cut in vehicle expenses, and are the answer to a society concerned with global warming emissions. Today 's society has raised questions and importance on global warming and pollution numbers of today 's machinery. The electronic vehicle was created to be a "greener" mode of transportation than the normal combustion engine vehicle, which emits large amounts of harmful chemicals into the air. Research from the Alternative Fuels Data Center shows that a electronic vehicle emits 9,000 lbs of CO2 less annually than a conventional gas vehicle (AFDC). These studies show that electronic vehicles are a more environment-friendly source of transportation and are more efficient than gas engine vehicles. "But it 's incontrovertible that…
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