Technology Is Shaping The Healthcare Industry Fast

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Introduction Technology is shaping the healthcare industry fast. It is being adopted in a bid to improve efficiency in the delivery of health services, along with the improvement of the quality of services that are provided. The most prominent technological advancement in this sector is the embracing of the Electronic Health Records (EHR). It has revolutionized the manner in which records are maintained and managed within a healthcare facility. Consequently, it has significantly contributed to the proper health care delivery, along with the proper diagnosis and follow-up care for patients (Middleton et al., 2013). It is safe to argue that technology has improved the manner in which business is handled in health care facilities. However, …show more content…

These systems also improve analysis, communication, and aggregation of patient information, thus allowing for better care to be delivered. They also make it easier to consider every single aspect of the patient’s condition. As such, a proper diagnosis is made, and better care can be provided. These systems also support diagnostic and therapeutic decision-making for doctors and other medical practitioners. Additionally, all the relevant patient information including their previous illnesses and lab results are all assembled in one place, allowing the doctors to make a proper diagnosis and carry out the appropriate treatment (Gellert, Ramirez & Webster, 2015). EHR systems also prevent liability actions primarily by demonstrating adherence to the practices that are considered to be evidence-based. These systems also produce clear and complete records that are available at the point of care. They also disclose evidence that points out informed consent. As such, subsequent decisions that are made are all evidence-based. Any adverse events are also prevented meaning that the situation with the patients is well managed to stop them from escalating (Rudin & Bates, 2014). This approach ensures that the patients recover faster from their ailments. It is also noted that these EHR systems enhance monitoring and research for the involved parties. As such, improvements in the quality of care provided

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