Technology Is Used For Recreational Purposes

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Section I: Introduction
General Background: Technology is continuously advancing, and appears to be changing annually! With the increase in technology comes, not only, new gadgets and gizmos, but new possibilities. Today’s generation of children are being born into a “technology fish bowl”. Many people believe that technology is simply used for recreational purposes, but that is not entirely true. In fact, technology is beginning to appear in several school districts around the country. “As the use of electronic teaching and learning tools has increased, technology in education has become a key focus for educators at all levels.” (Flair, I) Technology is the future… Educators need to understand that they are instructing the citizens of our future. With that being said, techniques and tools of “tomorrow” need to be applied inside the classroom today with our future generations. Implementing technology can be a difficult road, can have both positive and negative possibilities, and can change the layout of a curriculum. “Using electronic and digital tools is seen as a way to enhance learning and provide a beneficial experience for all students.” (Flair, I) Technology for educational purposes is something that is strongly encouraged, requested, and expected in today’s education system.

Statement of the Problem: Technology needs to be comfortably placed inside the classroom with minimal problems and maximum, positive impacts on students.

Research Question(s):
1. What problems

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