It Is Easy To Live Without Technology Essay

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Technology it is easy to live with it and it is impossible to live without it. Could you give up a technology for longer than a week? Do you think we are too reliant on certain technologies as a society or as individuals? Not too long ago I was assigned to abandon a technology that is a part of our daily lives for a period of time. At that moment all of my fears had come to fruition. I was going to have to live without technology for who knows how long. Just the thought of this assignment frightened me. Resisting the urge to attach to technology or detach yourself from technology takes a certain amount of will power. Not everyone has that amount of will power and that is why people find technology so addictive. THESIS: All technology is difficult to give up, however, giving it up can allow you to live a happier and more peaceful life. What technology was I going to give up? How long would I be capable of giving that particular technology up? These thoughts lingered over my head the instant this assignment had gotten acquaint with me. The struggle I had with selecting a technology to temporarily give up was because I am so reliant on most of the technologies I use on a daily basis. For instance, If I were to abandon my phone for even a day that would prevent me from performing my job, communicating in case of emergency, keeping track of time, and staying up to date on social media. Also, my phone is just one of many technologies that I rely so heavily on. This does not

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