Technology : The Impact Of Technology's Effect On The Family

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There are numerous amounts of technology in todays “high tech” world which are now no longer wants, but have become a need. There are so many new technologies that are having a great effect on family life, but cell phones, iPods, and computers are the three most used technologies that are affecting family time. The things that one can do on iPods, cellphones, and computers are not just limited to surfing on the internet, playing games and listening to music, but its diversity of other things as well as social media applications, emailing online, and online video chatting that are now debatably the greatest issue that is in on the way to effecting family relationships on a level that is visible. The use of these technologies has both helped and harmed family relationships; additional families are starting to purchase smartphones for their children, as teenage cell phone purchases increases teenagers that text will too. According to stats back in 2009 75% of all teenagers with cellphones were texters (Lenhart, Amanda). This generation is technology. Just like our older family members experienced the growth of the industrial uprising, we are facing equal development in the world we live in today. Technology evolution has increased the capability to look up information, which at one time we didn’t have in our reach. Even though technology promises many benefits, it also positions itself as a very large load of responsibility. It is very important to look at all the probable

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