Technology and Its Influence of Modern Transportation Essay

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Technology has impacted the modern transportation. Transportation has become faster like individuals can move rapidly starting with one place then on to the next. In the past, people cannot travel as rapidly as today because of not having enough modern transportation. It takes just a few hours to travel nowadays, so this lead to people travel more. Individuals can get information easily about their cultures like what they wear, what they eat, an dhow they behave. This is how some people’s custom has been changed.
Satellite TV move to the way that affects culture. Most of the TV programs now days are received to the whole world; people can have the access to all of theses programs at the same time, and they can see all the same news and
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Sixty-two percent of teachers say they use digital media twice a week or more and 24 percent say they use it every day to help them teach. The numbers of teachers using TV and video content in the classroom are even higher. Over 80 percent of teachers say they use TV or video to teach a lesson at least once a month and 76 percent are streaming it from the web” (par. 2). People can take online courses these days. It is a chance for most people to get online courses on their own place. Students have the capacity to look over many diverse programs that would help them with their needs. Nowadays, most of the programs are available online from each department like business, management, and information technology. Additionally, students can browse different sorts of degree. The online courses have lower costs since they do not buy textbooks; they can downloads all assignments and all different materials that are required for their classes. Another benefit of these online classes is saving time since students do not have to attend classes, so they might have more time to do their assignments and study. Online classes evacuate the anxiety by permitting learners to study when it is helpful for most learners would like to study at different time. Likewise, students at schools have to take their exams and quizzes on the day their instructor planned for , but
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