Essay on Technology Opportunities in Transportation

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The purpose of this paper is to illustrate three technology opportunities associated with the transportation and logistics industry. With today’s constantly evolving business environment, consumers are placing demand on businesses of all industries, and they want products and services faster, with more added value, and delivered immediately. Nevertheless, customers are smarter by requiring more quality, innovation, and choice, and at the same time wanting to spend less money and effort. Consequently, every transportation business has to remain highly competitive in researching and developing innovative cost-cutting techniques in order to save money.
Radio Frequency Identification, or RFID for short, is a relatively old technology that
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These trucks compete for roughly 300,000 parking spots located throughout the country. While parked, especially in locations of extreme hot or cold, these trucks are typically found idling while the driver is resting. In addition to being a home away from home for the truck drivers, they idle for a variety of reasons. These include keeping the fuel and engine warm, for the driver’s resting comfort, to mask out other noises, and for safety (Keller). Unfortunately, while they are idling, the engine is consuming diesel fuel at a time when oil prices are at their highest. It has been calculated that every hour a truck idles unnecessarily is equivalent to 8-10 miles of on-road driving (Keller). Although it is necessary for the drivers to idle, it has been a major concern in terms of wasted fuel within the trucking industry, costing them 3 billion gallons of fuel every year.
Several different technologies have been introduced to combat the wasted fuel and reduce or eliminate truck idling times. One such advancement is an electrified parking space (EPS) for the drivers. The electrified parking space allows the driver a parking spot (for rest, sleep, etc.) and an oversized power cord that allows the truck to “plug” into electric grids to power their cabins. This enables a clean energy source from the power grid, and reduces the driver’s need to
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