Ted Bundy: Unlikely Serial Killer

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Ted Bundy: Unlikely Serial Killer

Americans were shocked in the 1970s when authorities began reporting a string of disappearances of young women from Washington, Colorado, Utah, Idaho, Florida and Oregon. The man behind these crimes was Theodore (Ted) Bundy. Many people still consider him to be one of the most notorious serial killers of all time and was once one of the FBI’s most wanted. He was officially tied to 36 murders, however he is believed to have committed more than one hundred. The Ted Bundy murders shocked everyone because of his outwardly sociable appearance, politeness, and political aspirations. He was intelligent, good looking, and charismatic. Many of his victims did not fear him or question him because of how charming …show more content…

He was convicted and received a one-to-fifteen year jail sentence. Ted Bundy was later indicted on murder charges for a Colorado woman, in which he decided to act as his own lawyer. During a trip to the court’s library, he jumped out of a window and escaped, only to be captured eight days later.
Bundy escaped from custody again in 1977 when he climbed out of a hole he made on the ceiling of his cell. He reportedly lost over 30 pounds in order to fit through the hold. Unfortunately, the guards did not realize he was missing until 15 hours later, giving him a huge head start to run as far away as he could. He made it all the way to Tallahassee, Florida where he snuck into the Chi Omega sorority house at Florida State University and attacked four female residents, killing two of them. He later kidnapped a twelve year old girl and murdered her. In July of 1978 Bundy was convicted for the murders of the two sorority girls. The murders were so vicious, that they were able to identify him from bite marks he left on their flesh. He received two death penalties, one for each of these crimes. He received another death sentence for the murder of 12 year old Kimberly Leach in the years following his incarceration.
Ted Bundy spent many years appealing his death sentence. All of his appeals were denied. From his jail cell, he often corresponded with some of his adoring fans, and many of his

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