Ted Nachazel. 360 Degree Photography Affordances And Constraints.

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Ted Nachazel
360 Degree Photography Affordances and Constraints
Media has changed vastly over the decades. We have different styles of media, different ways to view media, and so many different options when it comes to creating media. A recent technology that has started to gain traction is 360-degree photography. This new technology allows people to view more than traditional 2-D perspective. With this new way of being able to capture a scene comes many affordances and constraints.
Being able to capture everything around you, then allow another person to experience entirely the same scene is something that has never been able to be done before. The technology for 360-degree photography is most likely early in its development. That being …show more content…

Having devices that allow us to put on a headpiece and be put into another reality is a huge step for media.
With these devices, unfortunately, come many constraints. The content creator has more options for what the viewer can see, but at the same time it may not be what they want the viewer to see. In most forms of media today there is a main point that the viewer is observing. 2-D perspective video creators are able to change perspectives of how the viewer sees the media, but with 360 degrees the viewer may not see it in the same way the original creator intended. The viewer may even miss main points entirely because they were looking around and the main point of a video was behind them. On top of this the viewer may not even be able to watch the video. Many people report nausea when watching videos in 360 degrees. If there is not a way to ensure people do not feel sick while watching the videos, that means that this media will be limited by the number of people who are able to tolerate it. Being able to create the quality of content that is currently available on 2-D platforms may be difficult could also be an issue. Movie shoots require a lot of people and equipment, which is all behind the camera when only shooting one perspective. In a 360-movie you have to make sure you are capturing the things you want and nothing more. There is most likely going to be more work creating

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