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Ted Talk Analysis Proposal: Energy Conservation Energy conservation is an important subject to address for many reasons. Oil resources, which most of the energy used today derives from, are depleting quickly. The more scarce these resources become, the more expensive it will cost. The production and consumption of this energy source is also bad for the environment. If nothing changes, then oil resources will be used up soon, prices will be high and global warming will be even worse. Through my presentation, I want to convey the message that action needs to take place to save the future. I want to teach the lesson that this problem will not go away by itself. I also want to talk about ways change can be done. The first TED talk video I watched is called “The Political Chemistry of Oil” by Lisa Margonelli (Margonelli). In this talk, Margonelli speaks of the unrestrained oil consumption that is occurring and her proposal for America to cut down their usage of oil. She introduces the topic of oil spills by talking about how disastrous they are. She makes the point that oil consumption only decreases when oil prices increase. Margonelli stresses the idea…show more content…
I chose this video above the others because the other videos focus on specific approaches to the deal with this issue. His idea of the transition approach brings people together which I personally think is the best way to get a job done. The ideas in the other videos were also good just they did not emphasize the need for widespread action to be done. Hopkins has a voice that is easy to listen to and understand, which his accent may be the reason for. He also uses great oral techniques which I hope to be able to use effectively as well. In conclusion, I would like to use the “Transition to a World Without Oil” by Rob Hopkins for my
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