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Ted Talks and The Four Principles of Sustainability
GEOG 130-004
Patrick Naughton
Professor Gibbons
Bridgewater State University

There are 5 Ted Talks being examined here today, all of which address sustainability in some form or another. The first speaker we cover is Sylvia Earle, an oceanic researcher with a Ted Talk about the importance of our oceans followed by a short summary of discussion by William Kamkwamba, a Malawian inventor who defied all odds. Thirdly, we will take a look at the Ted Talk held by Penguin expert, Dylan deNapoli and her experiences with penguin rescues. Next we will examine Leyla Acaroglu’s Ted Talk about environmental folklore and finally, Satish Kumar, an Indian activist who tells …show more content…

Raised among an impoverished region of farmers, Kamkwamba sought an education with hopes of a brighter future. With insufficient funds for an education, he dropped out of school at first, left to face the harsh reality that was his father’s life; his own future. Still determined for a life other than the one he was born into, Kamkwamba discovered a library. Within the structure, books and stories vast with knowledge lay in wait of his attention. Stumbling upon the pages of both, Explaining Physics and Using Energy, he learned that a windmill held the capabilities of pumping water and generating electricity through harnessing the wind. With this knowledge, Kamkwamba searched the scrapyard for parts to this machine that, at the time, was only a concept to him. With time, the boy’s intelligence and ingenuity constructed this concept to a reality, which in turn, constructed his own reality. His creation and application of the machine gained renown, first in his village, and eventually spreading like wildfire. After several news stories and interviews, Kamkwamba was flown to The United States where he would live out his destiny; telling a story of true …show more content…

From an epiphany in a coffee shop, they decided to walk in protest of nuclear weapons from India to Moscow, to Paris, to London, and finally to Washington. With guidance from his guru, Kumar and his friend set off without money, only open hearts. They met many new people, friends, and shared many new experiences. They met an American while walking along the Khyber Pass in Pakistan who had offered a ride, which they respectfully declined, only to end up at his front door in Philadelphia years later for a talk of good times. They also met with Bertrand Russell, the philosopher who inspired their movement from the beginning and who then offered them passage to The United States. Through his travels, Kumar came to discover that trust is all one needs for without fear, one could die in

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