Teen Beauty Standards : The Dangers Of Teenage Beauty Pages

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Young children, teeneagers, young adults, and even the elderly are subjected to wearing makeup and becoming fit because it is socially acceptable. We, as a community, will downgrade our own because we think it is ugly to go bare face throughout the day. If you do not have flawless skin and a perfect body, then you are an outcast. Beauty standards can cause a great deal of risk to people in society, but instead of letting beauty standards control how society perceives the way you look, people should be aware of the harm that they can cause and that their expectations are unrealistic. As a young child you are brought into makeup and how much you are supposed to weigh. Young girls and boys are forced into beauty pageants at a young age. There are pros and cons of being in a beauty pageant with a bunch of other children. Young girls and boys began to realize that there will always be other people “prettier” than them or “skinnier” than them and that forever sticks into the back of their head. According to Jennifer Trujillo, in the article “Teen Beauty Pageants Can Teach Teens Many Valuable Life Lessons,” “These systems were worlds of their own. They were rife with political and economic undercurrents. Other girls had coaches and thousands of dollars for gowns”(Trujillo 1).Children are being judged on how much makeup they are wearing, how expensive there clothing is and, how good they should be able to do certain things. From my own experience there are also beauty pageants

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