Teen Pregnancy Is A Big Problem

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Despite the fact that having a baby is a beautiful thing in life, having a baby at a young age can ruin a teenager’s life. Teen pregnancy a big problem worldwide, but a bigger one in Bullhead City, Arizona. Since Bullhead City has one of the highest percentages for teen pregnancy in Arizona, people know it’s a big problem. Not only are those teens throwing their life away by not finishing school and stopping to raise the child, but they’re also ruining other people life too. Babies are very expensive; some teenage parents don’t have the money or even a job to provide for their kids and have to ask the government for the help.
Teen pregnancy is starting to become one of the most common topics. Since according to Mohave Daily News, it seems that “Bullhead City has one of the highest teen pregnancy rates in Arizona – 75.2 births per 1,000 girls ages 14-19.” (March of Dimes) That amount of babies born is outrages; teenagers are throwing their life away, by creating a new one who may suffer from the lack of parenting that they may provide. Am not saying that all teen parents are bad at parenting, some are great at it and give their all to their children but some will rather still party it up, still save the most they can from their teenager years. With that they like to go out and party it up, they will go out and drink all night long if they want, meanwhile the teenager parent are home talking care of their grandkid, also one of the teen parent can be wild one. Who may be
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