Teen Suicide Changes

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Death is awarded to everyone at some point or another. For some, it comes with age and with others, it comes before it is due. Unfortunately, only when death peaks through the cracks and squirms until it gets where it wants to go on someone unexpected, does change occurs. Two high school suicides in a weekend and the killing of four nearly graduated teens changed my surrounding community. Why were these traumatic events the reason for change when there could be change to avoid dire circumstances?
For me, waking up to french toast has always been a good moment, that is, until french toast came with a side of suicide. That morning, when the first announcement popped on my screen, I could not accept it. For the first time, that sweet morning …show more content…

Support became available for those with mental and emotional struggles and schools began teaching students about the warning signs of suicidal peers. Not long after, necessary disciplines were taken for those who would create a negative atmosphere for others, which were otherwise never enforced. This is like taking down a beehive because the bees attacked a person instead of taking it down because the hive was growing to a dangerous size. The hive was there the entire time, but now, because no action was taken, a person is in the hospital with severe allergic reactions. If a change was to be made before, this traumatic circumstance may have never arisen, just like the …show more content…

Not long after, the construction to fix the railroad was started and permanent signs were put up to warn drivers of the possible danger. Death caused the community to unite to bring about positive reform. Why does it take a tragedy to unify a community over the well being of every individual? This idea needs to change. Before the dire circumstances and before the death, we need to ask ourselves what needs fixing. We need to unify communities to work for the bettering of their own futures, instead of tolerating the wrongs or the ignored that eventually lead to trauma.
All in all, not everything can be avoided. Trauma will still occur and people will still die. It is a part of life. However, if those teens were to have gone across a safe railroad track, those boys were to have known where to get help, or their friends knew the warning signs, everything may have been different. Trauma should not shape change; change should be implemented to avoid extreme circumstances. If change was made before danger arose, their hearts may still have been

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