The Issue Of Teen Suicide

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“Everyday, I think why I’m still here.” -Amanda Michelle Todd September 7, 2012. What if your friend wanted to commit suicide? What’s the first thing you would do? Scream? Cry? Help? Many people wish they had helped their friend after they commit suicide. Being the victim is scary, being the witness is scarier, and being the bystander is the scariest. Suicide has been a problem for a very long time. It can be caused by stress,anxiety, bullying, and mental illnesses.
Teen suicide is a huge problem because there are so many situations that can stress you out and just make you give up, especially as a teen. Almost everyone has or will have a story at some point in their life involving suicide. Not only are the victims affected, but the people around them. Some people hide this because they are ashamed but once one person commits suicide in a family it is likely someone else will.
This paper is about three things. 1. The history and background of teen suicide. 2. The short and long term effects of teen suicide. Last but not least, 3. Solutions to teen suicide.
For the history and background of teen suicide we will talk about what causes a suicidal mindset and what part of the brain sends suicidal signals. In the short and long term effects it will talk about how teen suicide affects the parents emotions. In the solutions it will talk about what social media influences the teens.

Body Paragraphs Part 1

There are a lot of ways to get a suicidal mindset. For example, one
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