Teen Suicide Essay

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Her parents arrive home, calling out her name as they close the front door. They hang their coats on the rack and lay their keys on the side table, still no response from her. Her parents assume she went to work right after school and might stay late. They begin to walk to their room down the hall, but suddenly they cease in their steps. The light is left on in her room with the door ajar, very unusual for her. She always had a thing about keeping the light off and having the door closed at all times. They approach her room, shaking off the silly thoughts that made their way into her mind about these weird actions of her. Just as they push the door to open further, they gasp. There she lay, deathly still with an empty prescription bottle by her side. Her mother runs to hold her in her fragile arms, but she cannot see clearly due to the endless tears blinding her sight. She is screaming, crying, frightened most of all. Her mother cannot feel a pulse, as her father calls for an ambulance as she attempts to perform CPR and revive her. But it’s too late (Asher 260-70). Nowadays, that is what happens in real life: teens commit suicide for various reasons for which is not acceptable. Teen suicide is unfathomable and appalling, because teens are in the stage of puberty which causes them to become sentimental, impressionable, and vulnerable during those four years of their lives. Moreso, social media and media depict a major part by glamorizing teen suicide, causing teens to not

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