Teenage Driving Age

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Furthermore, teens that are getting their license are doing it for a reason, most of them need that license to help with their lives. Everyday having something to do after school, teens need to get around town in their car. Almost everyone by this age has a job after school or at some point has had a job. They can’t ask their parents to take them to work, because again most of them have jobs that work well into the night, so they need a means of transportation which is why they want a license. “Teens practice driving for many hours. Need to drive to get to part-time jobs and to do tasks like grocery shopping.”(Driving Age). Once you get your license you can get a job for yourself since you can drive their now. It’s one of the top reasons for getting a license which is their part time job and getting task done for their parents. And it’s not just getting to their job that they need a car for, more importantly they need it for school. Magnet or ib students can take 30-minute-long car drives just to reach school, they can’t take the bus because that’s just way out of their jurisdiction. Many of them do drive cars’, which help them to get to school every day. Even Maine which “has protested the idea of raising the driving age because teens need to drive and help with chores” (Driving for teens only?). Maine is furthermore one of the states that have a graduating license, which shows how great of an example this state is when it comes to teen driving. Many other states need to

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