Teenage Mental Illness

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The mental illness of adolescents has become a major problem in Australia. Although people are more aware of the importance of addressing mental illness currently, there are some reports which show that Australian adolescents have more serious mental problems than five years ago (Pearce 2017). The World Health Organization (2017) found that depression also become a worldwide problem. Mental health refers to mentality (Pearce 2017). Negative mentality will lead to young people lose confidence in life and make them feel more desperate to their life. Mental illness including diseases such as anxiety, depression and eating disorders and so on. These diseases need to be treated and could be treated ( 2015). Most mental illnesses can be prevented and treated. This essay will describe the severity of teenage mental health problem in Australia. What causes mental health problem. The treatment and services of mental illness. The limitations of mental therapy and how to prevent mental health problem.

The latest survey shows that nearly a quarter (22.8 per cent) of young Australians surveyed may have serious mental illness. The possibility of a girl having a mental illness is twice that of a boy. Another fact is male suicide is greater than the possibility of female suicide (Pearce 2017). Adolescents aged between 18 and 19 are more likely to develop serious mental illnesses. More seriously, the number of young women who suffer mental illness increased by more than

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