Teenage Mothers

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Social Justice and Human rights issues and impact on the clients Poverty: The social justice and human rights issues that teenage mothers face can have a lasting impact on their lives. Many teenage mothers are at a higher risk for poverty. Teenage girls who become pregnant often come from low socioeconomic circumstances — often having to depend on public assistance as a means of financial support for food and shelter (Rogers, 2017 p.307). Some teenage mothers become single mothers and remain as such for a majority of their lifetime. Only about half of teen mothers earn a high school diploma by age 22. Without an education, it diminishes their chance at job opportunities. Children born to teen parents are more likely to become teen parents themselves. Statistics show that young girls born to teen mothers are 66% more likely to become teen mothers as well, which leads to becoming a generational cycle that is frequently filled with dysfunction. Children living in these environments have a higher risk of being neglected and abused. (Banning, Burton, Pai-Espinosa Prummer, 2016). Stigma/Ageism, (Rogers, 2017 p.308), Piaget suggests the cognitive ability to understand consequences and what the reality of parenting is. Society has influenced how teen mothers are seen; stigmas that children cannot raise children, teen mothers are throwing their lives away through promiscuity. Being viewed by society in this manner can affect self-esteem and how teen mothers internalize this

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