Teenage Pregnancy And Teen Pregnancy Essay

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Teen Pregnancy
Meshia Williams
Just because teenage pregnancy has decreased does not mean the problem is solved. Nearly all teenage pregnancies are unplanned. Teen mothers are nearly twice as likely to forgo prenatal care in the first trimester. This sets up complications along with health problems, costs, responsible fatherhood, education, and risky behavior. Babies are having babies before they’re even fully developed themselves; the environment, and media along with other things are all factors that determine why and how teens are getting pregnant.
Teen pregnancy is the result of many environmental factors. When I speak about environmental factors I’m referring to the people teens surround themselves with along with their socioeconomic mobility. The most significant environmental factor contributing to teenage pregnancy are related to poverty. Did you know that teenage girls in poverty chose to give birth because they had no realistic hope for moving up in life? Not only does social status effect teens who get pregnant in poverty situations their education is interrupted also. Most teens don’t go back to even get their GED, which results in more complications when trying to get a job etc. Another factor is the people teens surround themselves with. Teens are influenced by what they watch and hear other people do which is normal because even as teens their minds and self-being is still being developed. On top of all that teens are faced with peer pressure everyday whether

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