Teenagers And The Struggle For Identity Analysis

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Everyone is unique in their own way. People and the environment can change who they to find out who they are. Identity describes one’s various aspects of themselves. It takes the time to find out who they are. People and the environment can affect one’s identity with struggles to overcome. Determination defines one’s identity by setting a pathway to follow because it shows how one’s dreams are achievable.
From the times that identity is unclear, determination defines one’s decision because it can show one’s integrity to pursue their dream. In the book, Modern Mythologies by Surya Kundu, she tells a story and how it plays in her personal life. Kundu is an Indian descent and who is raised in California. She later goes to college on the east …show more content…

In the article, Teenagers and the Struggle For Identity by Seth Mullins, he describes the possible changes in a teen’s identity. During the teen years, teens need to figure out who they want to be before going to college. When teens compare with someone else, Mullins states that “kids can feel a strong urge to check their own progress alongside that of another or to gravitate to people who, for all outward appearances, seem to have it all figured out” (Mullins, “Teenagers and the Struggle For Identity”). People can encourage someone to change their identity. One person could dream to be their idol and they assume that their personality suits them. With people’s encouragement, their dream before may change, but they are alike like somebody else. Even though people can encourage others to achieve one’s dream, determination is the guide that sets the dream. In the song, Hall of Fame by The Script featuring, it provides a catchy tune that relates to the lyrics. The lyrics provide a meaning and incorporates into the background. Hall of Fame is a song that provides the confidence to help determination. Before the chorus, they sing “You can be a master/ Don’t wait for luck/ Dedicate yourself and you gonna find yourself” (The Script, 11-13). By applying determination to become “a master,” a person can “dedicate” themselves and is

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