Teenagers and Obesity: An Analysis

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Teenagers and obesity The current generation, more than there before is grappling with the menace of obesity. It is a fact that there are many parts of the world, especially in the African and Asian countries where people literally die of starvation, malnutrition and under-weight circumstances, yet it is a fact as well that the world is more obese that any other time in history. In a simple manner, obesity can be described as the excessive accumulation of fats in the body. These are fats that the body does not need and yet cannot digest and utilize it all in order to get rid of it. From a medical perspective, when the body mass index (BMI) goes beyond 30 then one is considered obese. The BMI is calculated by dividing the weight of an individual by the Square of the Height in Meters (WHO, 2011). There are two major causes of obesity; the ingestion of fat rich foods and energy dense foods, which are also rich in sugar and salt. These foods are also noted to be low in essential minerals, vitamins and the essential micronutrients. The other cause of obesity that the WHO (2011) places much emphasis upon is the sedentary lifestyle that one lives. This lifestyle can be occasioned by urbanization and the reduced active life that urbanization comes with, the docile employment environments that many are exposed to of late as well as the evolving means of transport that leaves little walking to be done by people. Hypothesis This analysis seeks to divulge the extent to which
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