Telephone Essay

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The telegraph changed the way people can communicate with each other and changed how fast messages can be sent. Written messages were used since the beginning of time and it could take days or even months to send messages over long distances. Written messages were an inefficient way of sending messages to people across the country or even across the world. The telegraph was invented by Samuel Morse in 1838. He was the first person to get backed by others wanting to invest in his invention. In 1844, Morse sent the first message through the telegraph that officially changed the world. One of the biggest problems with this invention was all the telegraph lines it would take to operate the telegraph. The telegraph was unique compared to other …show more content…

The radio changed the communication technology it was the first technology people could use wirelessly without having to use wires. The radio was invented by Guglielmo Marconi in the early 1890’s. Heinrich Hertz experimented the different frequencies or waves that made the radio possible in the early 1910’s. The radio transmitter from radio stations were used to send radio waves out to give radio’s signal. The radio became really popular in the early 1920’s where people could listen to the news, talk shows, music, etc. After World War l, the radio was a form of entertainment people can listen to in their homes and driving in their cars. By the end of the 1930’s 80% percent of the U.S population had a radio. When People got far away from the radio signal they were listening to they had to tune into another station. Radio is still very popular today and has modernized. Today people still use traditional style of radio, there is satellite radio that has a monthly fee that people can listen to what they want, and people can also listen to the radio on the internet. The Television brought new communication and entertainment to the world. The TV was the first communication people could see on a screen but also hear. The Television was designed by Philo Taylor Farnsworth in the late 1920’s. The television had a black and white screen and was simple and basic. In the 1930’s broadcasting system like CBS began were people could

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