Television Watching Patterns Of Viewers Essay

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A Study on the television watching patterns of viewers in Chennai Ashima Jose 1 S. Baratwaj 2
1. Assistant Professor, Nehru School of Architecture, NGI, Kuniamuthur, Coimbatore, TN, E-mail: / 8754264707
2.Doctoral Research Scholar, Dept. of Journalism & Mass Communication, Periyar University, Salem, TN, India - 636 011, E-mail: / 9790339949
Television in India started through the SITE experiment which was collaborated jointly by NASA and ISRO as a test measure to gauge about the prospects of Cable television in India in 1975. Television then became synonymous with the people at large thanks to the central governments ' initiative of telecasting agricultural and educational programs. The programs were a success and then people began to have a fondness for Television. The effectiveness and impact of the program led to tremendous growth of TV sets and the increase in popularity of Television in India. As years progressed, there were various categories of programs that were introduced. After around two decades of the state ownership, the private players came into existence of TV shows and greatly increased the reach and popularity of various shows of varied genre among the masses. This research study aims to explore the television shows preferred by the users and to find out the popularity of various TV programs. The study will also seek answers in finding out about the preference of users in watching TV and TV

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