Essay about Television is NOT the Sole Cause of Violence in Children

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Violence in Children Is Not Just From TV Most parents expect a four year old to be very active and zealous, but never violent. However, some children exhibit violent behavior, such as running around the playground kicking, karate chopping and biting other children. The following example is based on personal experience. In 1997 this was the case with a family in Georgia who had a son with these behavioral problems. The parents took their child to counseling in order to figure out what the problem was. After a brief counseling session, those parents were perplexed and angry. It was difficult for them to believe that a counselor would blame them or suggest putting their child on drugs. After counseling, the father and child watched the …show more content…

According to the Kaiser Foundation report “…81 percent of parents have seen their children imitate either positive or aggressive behaviors from TV” (Kaufman 699). A council created by the University of California at Santa Barbara and the University of Texas at Austin, which included medical organizations, conducted the National Television Violence Study (NTVS). The NTVS found that “…violence often was portrayed in the contextual manner that earlier research suggested would increase the likelihood of negative effects on viewers, especially children” (Shifrin 1). The positive uses of television are that it can teach children with shows like “Sesame Street”, where they can learn the alphabet and new words. Children also benefit from watching programs about different cultures, music and art. Television is also a way to allow families to spend time together and have something to talk about. Although, television is a negative influence on children it can also be a positive one. Because of the negative psychological impact that violence in television can have on children, many parents turn to medical solutions. Since the medical solution is always the easiest solution many fail to see alternatives. As an example, the parents discussed earlier visited a counselor for their child; the counselor began with the basic questioning. After fifteen minutes the counselor determined that

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