Temperament Category Essay

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Temperament Category Based on the answers given by my caregiver, the temperament category that seems appropriate for me is the Easy Baby category. This is due to the answers such as “It wasn’t long before you calmed down” after I became distressed when someone that I did not know carried me. This type of behavior would be reflecting the characteristic of being easy to calm that would be frequently observed in the specified category. Furthermore, answers such as “Yes, you did not wake often during the night” means that I had regular routines and schedules, therefore, I would not be categorized into the category of a difficult baby with irregular schedules. Moreover, it was easy for my mom to know what I was crying about or what I needed by …show more content…

This is due to the fact that I became exceptionally distressed if I was left alone with strangers and was not easily comforted by them, which is characteristic of an insecure attachment. This can be seen in a more obvious manner when my mom responds that I was always by her side even when we would visit family members. Also, since she was often the only one who could comfort me, means that our attachment was not an Insecure/Avoidant one. This type of attachment is when the infant is as easily comforted by a stranger as they are by their caregivers. In addition, seeing that I was not secure enough to explore the environment, like going to play with other kids when we would visit other people’s houses, means that I would not use my mom as a secure base for exploration. Using caregivers as a base for exploration is characteristic of a secure attachment which is why our attachment would not be categorized as a secure attachment. Lastly, considering I would often notice if she left me alone means that I did not display an Insecure / Ambivalent attachment. This type of attachment is illustrated when babies do not notice or are indifferent towards their caregivers before they are left alone which is not something I would

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