Term Paper : Child Abuse Essay

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De’Ron Powell Mr. Smith Health, Period 3 28 November 2016 Term Paper: Child Abuse Child abuse is common in most places and in most cases the abuse form of sexual, mental, and physical abuse. These children who are usually abused or neglected you have low self-esteem and have been taught to feel worthless. The percentage of children abuse just in the United States is drastic. According to an article, more than 2.5 million reports of child abuse are made in the United States annually with hundreds of deaths…. What this says about the United States is that we need to be better have a better system of where and what our children are exposed to. Child abuse can be defined as a guardian parent or caregiver abusing their child. This form of abuse can be caused due to the environment a child is living in, the lack of parental skills, and through social media. There are many ways to inflict abuse on children and in my opinion and has grown over time. But a flip side to this is that it can be cut early if you 're different signs that the children may exhibit. These include social skills comma repeated injuries, changes in behavior and many more. According to an article by the National Council on child abuse and Family Violence, child neglect is continued failure to provide a child necessary care and protection. Children are not getting the medical attention they need. They are not being fed properly to get the right nutrients. Lots of good body health and hygiene are not being
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