Terrorism And Its Effects On The United States

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Externally, states take into account any and all threats existing in their environment that may bring about conflict to its right to rule. As states spend resources and time parcipaniting in competing with its outside rivals in military and economically ways to neutralize the threats to its legitimacy. On the other hand, how about the internal threats to the state legitimacy. With that being the case, is it possible for a state to be as successful with neutralizing threats to its legitimacy imposed by its people, in the same way as its external threats? To answer this question, yes it is possible. Generally using violence is seen as the primary tool in achieving the goal of overthrowing the state, in the traditional forms of armed guerillas or violent protesters rioting and looting. In this situation, the response from the state consist of confronting the protesters with the army and police as a means of overwhelming the violence with using violence upon the people and crushing the uprising. This practices has been used for hundreds of years by states to protect their claim of legitimacy and is still today the ideal thinking for handling protest.
However, now things have changed in the past couple decades. As a trend of revolutions lunched by massive amounts of unarmed people protesting and taking part in nonviolent civil disobeys against the state has become very successful. With this in mind, states face a new real challenged to their legitimacy, as now the ways in which
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