Terrorism And Policing Terrorism

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Over the course of the past 30 years, there has been an increase in something the world has known as terrorism. Society has seen the countless acts of violence that is described as terrorism. There have been shootings, bombings, explosions, guerilla warfare based on terrorists’ ideas and concepts, and several other types of events described as terrorism. Through time, experts and enthusiasts have brought together examples, documents, and analyses that help the world better understand and fight terrorism. While there may be a few accepted ways to handle these violent acts, the education of such matters need to be discussed further to elaborate on the properties of combating terrorism. There needs to be a clear definition of terrorism so that a baseline can be established for future studies. Graeme Newman and Ronald Clarke deliver a clear and concise definition through their book, “Policing Terrorism: An Executive’s Guide”. “Terrorism is not really much different from conventional crime… From a policing point of view, there is much to be said for regarding terrorists as criminals with political motives” (Newman/Clarke, 2008). There is so much attention to terrorism in the media that there is a plethora of examples to be regarded as terrorism. One of the most recognized acts of terrorism is a bombing. A few examples of this are Oklahoma City, the Boston Marathon, and the countless acts of suicide bombings across Europe and the Middle East. With the rise in terrorism

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