Terrorism By Abedellah Taïa

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On the evening of 13 November 2015, a series of coordinated terrorist attacks—consisting of mass shootings, suicide bombings, and hostage-taking—took place in Paris, France. The attacks killed 129 people, not including 80 admitted to hospital as critically injured. Abedellah Taïa, author and resident of Paris, explored the broader implications of the attacks and life after the attacks not only for Paris and the Parisians, but for all Western Nations and the world.
Taïa claims the attacks earlier this week on the city of Paris have established a new reality for the war on terrorism. The attacks on Paris prove there is no longer a cushion of ignorance to soften the blow between the actualities of the war torn Middle East and Western Society. …show more content…

The author shows this by using ambiguity through phrases like this reoccurring symbol- “Where are we going to live now?” This can be interpreted as how Paris will never be the same or the fear of what reality has become and what the future bears. The multiple connotations of this phrase not only represent the uncertainty and fuzziness of tomorrow, but the uncertainty and fear of the unknown instilled within her audience. These attacks showed that “terrorism has no borders” and that no one anywhere is truly safe. It took away our peace of mind and assurance in the system. This frantic state of mind is also shown through the organization and syntax of her paper. Her thoughts, while still fairly easy to follow, are scrambled and in no particular order following a state of traumatization. These choices are important as they make it easier for her to connect to her scared audience and relate with them as she is one of them.
One way she connects to her intended audience is by immersing herself as one of them. Taïa constantly refers to “we” which in this case represents herself and specifically other citizens of France. She seeks to “show [her] solidarity” with them as one nation. She also uses French words to appeal to her fellow victims of France and unite them by inspiring them by what can be described a sense of French Nationalism. This was important …show more content…

She instead almost pleas for their consideration and support. Taïa guides her readers through her thought process by pointing out the faults of the majority consensus of a carnage blazed vengeance. She implies the situtational irony of condemning violence with more violence, but additionally points out the flaw in stooping down to their level and using their same tricks. Remember when tempted to fight fire with fire that the fire department typically uses water. In reasoning with her audience rather than imposing on them, she opens up reader’s minds by showing them a much more logical and potentially effective alternative, which in turn makes her argument much stronger. By doing this she is able to draw from all three argumentative appeals: ethos from previously establishing credibility and connecting with her audience (this is why they are receptive to her ideas), pathos from drawing on the morality of justifying killing with more killing, and logos in expanding their minds to see a more difficult, yet potentially more effective perspective logically. This is what makes her overall argument so

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