Terrorism Decision Making Analysis

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Every day, the United States has to deal with many issues, issues of morality, issues of war, and, most prominently, issues of terrorism. In order to assist in the countering of terrorist action, the United States relies on a large number of people and programs, the largest contributor being the CIA, or Central Intelligence Agency of the United States. The CIA has an obligation to provide information regarding the issues of terrorism to the President of the United States, in addition to those who assist him in the making of decisions, both by aiding in the making of decisions for the Presidents and through providing sufficient information for decision makers to make rational, well-informed decisions. However, in doing this, the question of …show more content…

The initial word that must be noted for clarity is the word excesses, which, defined loosely, means anything that is considered wrongful behavior or actions taken by associated individuals. In this specific case, one must note that excesses will be the consequences of the decisions made by policy makers, whether these results be in conflict with the basic morality agreed upon by most civil individuals or harmful to any participating party, nation or otherwise. Secondarily, the term counterterrorism, particularly as it relates to government action, must be defined, with this term …show more content…

Also, by judging the question from the scope that has just been given, it becomes clear that the argument should be answered with a resounding “no.” Not only would support of this suggestion harm the government of a country, but it would also harm all involved, most notably the lawyers who be subjected to unnecessary and unjustified punishment at the hands of the legal system. The best example to be given comes from the Counter-Terrorism Section of the CTS. According to the United States Department of Justice, “The Counterterrorism Section (CTS) is responsible for the design, implementation, and support of law enforcement efforts, legislative initiatives, policies and strategies relating to combating international and domestic terrorism. The Section seeks to assist, through investigation and prosecution, in preventing and disrupting acts of terrorism anywhere in the world that impact on significant United States interests and persons.” Those inside of the Counter-Terrorism Section are a combination of those who fight terrorism with those who advise government on how to handle matters of terror. Since the Counter-Terrorism Section is inside of the government, it is clear that they are in some way connected. Through the progression of the paper, the Counter-Terrorism

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