Terrorism : Terrorism And Terrorism

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With every terrorist attack executed, people like to blame the terrorists for attacking and causing fear and death in the world. Yes, those terrorists hold responsibility for those deaths, but the common people of the world in addition to the leaders of the world, also hold responsibility for allowing terrorism to be successful and continue. Terrorists gain power through the common, innocent people they attack. How the world responds to terrorist attacks determines whether or not terrorism will cease. The common people’s response to terrorism, the interest of the state, and the media’s role in terrorism all aide to terrorism’s success and its continuation in the future. How people willingly choose to respond to terrorist attacks defines terrorism and determines if terrorism will continue. For example, after the 9/11 attacks occurred, some Americans began to grieve while others began to act on their anger. Police claim that “nearly 600 incidents in the first 10 days after the attacks” occurred due to people erupting with rage (History.com Staff). A Pakistani grocery man was killed in Texas (History.com Staff). A man in Arizona shot an Indian gas station owner because he was on an anti-Arab rampage (History.com Staff). These attacks that Americans chose to do out of fear, sadness, and anger causes other people to become overwhelmed with the same emotions, ultimately enabling the terrorist groups. Terrorists thrive off of chaos (The Dark Knight Rises). The more

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