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Pioneer minimalist Terry Riley is one of the most revolutionary composers of the postwar era. In 1964 he wrote his most famous work IN C, which has become a landmark, and provided the appearance of a new musical form based on the recurring musical fragments. This has changed the musical course of the 20th century and influenced the work of such famous composers as Steve Reich, Philip Glass and John
Adams, creative group The Who, The Soft Machine, Tangerine Dream , Curved Air and many others. Mesmerizing, multilayer, polymetric brilliantly arranged instrumented flavored with oriental elements of improvisation set the stage for a wide public interest in the new key.
Terry Riley was born on June 24, 1935 in of Colfax, California, he began performing …show more content…

By the early '60s Riley regularly arranged long solo performances starting at 22:00 and continuing until sunrise. After graduating from Berklee in 1961, his next major work was
Music for the Gift (1963). The so-called 'loop-effect' aroused interest in Riley to repetition as a musical expression, and in 1964 he completed his most famous work of minimalist IN C.
At the same time, he learned to play the saxophone, using the tool in their so-called
'night flight'; these grand improvisational performances became the basis for recording albums like Poppy Nogood and the Phantom Band (1968) and A Rainbow in Curved Air
In 1970, Riley made his first of many trips to India to study with masters of vocal Prana
Nath, with whom he often spoke in later years; a collaboration with John Cale led to the creation in 1971 of the album Church of Anthrax, which is widely known not only among connoisseurs of experimental music.
Teaching at Mills College in Oakland in the '70s, Terry supported David Harrington, the founder and leader of the Kronos Quartet, and this was the beginning of the long-term cooperation, in result of which there were 13 string quartets, a quintet Crows

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