'The Pantoum Of The Great Depression'

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Donald Justice Donald Justice grew up in Florida, he like to studied about musical instrument like piano. And he was graduated a bachelor’s degree from the University of Miami in 1945. He also received an M.A. from the university of North Carolina in 1947,studied for at Stanford University, and earned a doctorate from the University of Iowa in 1954. Then Donald Justice taught at Syracuse University, California at lrvine, Princeton, Virginia, and the University of Florida in Gainesvile. When Justice was teacher, his student and Marvin Bell said,” As a teacher, Don chose always to be on the side of the poem, defending it from half-baked attacks by students anxious to defend their own turf. While he had firm preferences in private, as a teacher…show more content…
Justice likely the middle class people, he neither rich nor poor. First, he talk about the normal life by use the word “live avoided tragedy” and “there were storms and small catastrophes” “no need for the heroic”. At the beginning of the poem our word shows the author live by lacking of risk to face the problem. It still live as everyday do. He doesn’t need any help for people. These use the imagnty and repetition in the past that is not too bad and not be great. And Justice also use personal Pronoun such as we,the neighbors,people, it was implies not only Justice’s life filled with originally and without change but still the member of the middleclass. According to the first half of “The Pantoum of the great Depression”, the sound feel like the melodious and compose of relaxed sounds which the reader can feel comfortable when you image. The mood try to make the audience believe that before the great depression was come, our life is very clam , peace and convientant. However, the another half of the poem explain about how we feel in the great depression moment. The Great depression say” the Great depression had entered our souls like fog.” The speech express the image allows us to feel of how fog fills and discover the sky. Moreover, there is another example of the great depression time.”And time went by, drawn by slow horses” the speaker use to discuss the great depression is very long time. In this example he clear the length and how long it took for the great depression stay with them in that time. During the speaker talk about the great depression, the poem also us the strong sound like strongly, violently between the poem. The speaker use the word “private” and perhaps, that can present the hazardous time during the great depression. In the last paragraph, the poet is using the plural personal pronouns for indicate that

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