Terry Sejnowski: Video Analysis

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After having watched the video on interactive transcript, I had to re watch it has there was a lot of very useful information. I was always told that the brain takes years to be able master in a skill and be able to be the best at something. My mother always told me that practise makes perfect and that the anything you do in life, if you give it time and effort you will be able to a come any problems you set. What intrigued me is how Terry Sejnowski explains that we are not consciously aware of how our brain works. Brains are evolved to help us navigate complex environments. A lot of the heavy lifting is done below our level of consciousness. I have always wondered how the brain works as everyone has one and yet everyone manages to have a different way of using it. As Terry said the brain only weights 3 pounds but it somehow manages to consume ten times more energy by weight than the rest of the body. Many tops scientist have said it is the most complex devices known in the universe. Brain works in all these different ways and that is why it so hard for us to understand how it really functions. …show more content…

It is I would say the most complex part of our body that changes all the time. One needs to know what is the best way to use our brain. I am sure in the years to come as more and more scientists research into the brain there will be more light shed how on more of the incredible thins it can do. Now I know that the brain needs time to be able to adjust to something and more importantly that one needs to work the brain so it can be used to its full capacity. One must give up and keep using our brain to find the best possible solution to whatever problem one has. The brain just works in different ways but there will always be a solution. I look forward to find out more about learning as I go through the

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