Tesla Company Analysis

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Introduction As a new investor and with the current state of the United States economy, my investment objectives will be centered around a significant level of capital appreciation, as well as marketability, liquidity, and a substantial level of safety. As a college student, I will be looking to analyze and invest in stocks that I will be able to hold for many years and that also provide growth. I will reinvest dividends that I earn back into my portfolio to purchase additional securities that will add to the growth and diversification of my portfolio. Day- to- day fluctuations in price will not affect my opinion of any specific securities, but if a stock shows constant decline over a long period of time, I will be forced to…show more content…
In March, real average hourly earnings fell 0.3%, while average hourly earnings remained unchanged and the CPI for all items rise 0.2%. The unemployment rate in the United States has improved dramatically over the last two years, from a high of 8.3% in July 2012, to a low of 6.6% in January 2014. In October of 2012, the civilian labor force increased from 578,000 to 155.6 million, labor force participation increased up to 63.8%, and total employment overall rose by 410,000! Since then, the unemployment rate has been falling at a stable rate due to a political push from Washington DC and new employment initiatives. The inflation rate over the last 2 years has been relatively stably, with a few major increases and decreases in 2012 and 2013. It reached a high of 2.3% in June of 2012, and reached a low of 1.0% at the end of 2013. The federal interest rate has remained at a constant .25% over the past few years. When looking at international political factors and government policy changes, the situation between Russia and Estonia has become growingly more relevant to the US. NATO’s Article 5 states that an attack on one is an attack on all, meaning that Russia, if invading and declaring war on Estonia would be fighting the combined forces of NATO. Thus, the United States would get involved. War would most definitely
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