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**How to know if he is ready for a relationship - 5 criteria learning from the Bible**

According to the bible, when God first created man, whose name was Adam, he was a perfect being. He was the ideal model for all men and the best choice for all women. However, Adam failed and corrupted God's image. The fall happened after Genesis Chapter 3, in the bible. Therefore to study the perfect criteria for a man, we will look at the instructions given by God to Adam before the fall.

**1. God's presence**

The first trait is God's presence.

The first instruction given by God to Adam was in Genesis 2:15-17. It says:
"The Lord God took the man and put him in the **Garden of Eden** to work it and take care of it. And the Lord God commanded the …show more content…

If you take a star from the firmament, it becomes meteoroid, burns itself up and dies. If you take a man out of God's presence, he malfunctions, and is unable to thrive to his full potential.

So ladies, if you meet a man who is interested in you, the first question you ask shouldn't be "Do you love me?". The first question should be "Where are you?"

Therefore ladies, when you are finding a man, make sure you meet him in Eden.

**2. Work**

The second trait is work.

In Genesis 2, verse 15 says: The Lord God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to **work** it and take care of it.

In this verse, we see that apart from God presence, the second need for a man is work. You see here that the first ever command given by God was to WORK! So women need to look for man who is in God's presence and is working. God's given assignment for a man is his work. A man needs to work and achieve his purpose. To do that, a man needs to have a vision. Find someone who already has a clear understanding of their purpose, or is on his way to doing so. Does this man knows what he needs to do for his life? Does he know his purpose? Does he have a vision?

This is also the reason why man finds his worth in work rather than a woman. You can easily find a happy, single man who functions normally, but you can hardly find a man who is not working and still functioning normally. If a man loses his job and yet has

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