Testing And Its Negative Effects

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Laura Westlake
Dr. Brinda Roy
English Composition I (33725)
DATE: 11/16/2015
“STAAR Testing and Its Negative Effects”???
Every spring since 2012, every student attending 3rd grade through 8th grade and high school students across The State of Texas, sit down and takes the Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness or The STAAR Test. The STAAR test is what student’s in Texas are taught about from the first time they enter their new classrooms, each year and what their teachers are required to teach. The STAAR tests in Texas decide student’s assessment of where they are to the core curriculum standards basically an Assessment of Academic level to what they learned all year. With the way our students are being taught in Texas is a problem, STAAR testing not only follows them through their next grade levels, but their academic careers, even into college and eventually their careers, with that and the amount of pressure and stress being put on Texas children, from one test, the bar is being raised too high for our children in Texas. As well as the way it is affecting our teachers in Texas. STAAR testing scores are held against Texas teachers keeping their jobs every year. It affects our children’s school’s funding, with teachers evaluates based on test scores and school’s waiting for score results for funding, our children are being thrown in the middle of it, is this the future and education we want for our children, our student’s and the schools they attend in Texas?

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