Testing Is A Viable Software Verification Technique

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Abstract—Although Concolic testing is increasingly being explored as a viable software verification technique, its adoption in mainstream software development and testing in the industry is not yet extensive. In this paper, we discuss challenges to widespread adoption of Concolic testing in an industrial setting and highlight further opportunities where Concolic testing can find renewed applicability.
Keywords – concolic testing; security testing; dynamic analysis; pre-silicon validation; malware analysis; firmware testing;
The growing complexity of today’s software demands sophisticated software analysis tools and techniques to enable the development of robust, reliable and secure software. Moreover, increasing usage of third party libraries or plugins where source code is not readily available presents additional challenges to effective software testing [11]. The cost to fix bugs prior to releasing the software is often times much lower than the cost to fix bugs post release, especially in the case of security bugs. A number of automated software testing tools and techniques are commonly used in the industry. While automation significantly reduces the overhead of manual testing, finding deeply embedded security defects is not always automatable. Furthermore, automated software testing is prone to false positives or false negatives. Hence, there is a burgeoning need to advance the state of the art in software testing. In this context, Concolic testing is

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