Testing Reaction Times And Performing Mini Mental Examinations Essay

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Cognitive functions are responsible for a significant amount of the action that humans make. They are incorporated in simple everyday tasks, such as remembering your name or recognizing you are hungry, and more complex tasks, such as driving a car or studying for a final exam. Cognitive function is often described as a set of mental abilities that allow individuals to perceive ideas and concepts, and understand the world around them. This includes processes such as memory, problem solving, decision making, language, attention and perception. There are several types of test done to assess the performance of the processes such as testing reaction times and performing mini mental examinations.
There are many factors that could potentially have an impact on an individual’s performance on cognitive function assessments. Sleep is one of the factors that impact the way an individual performs everyday tasks. Being fully rested and having a full night’s rest give individuals the ability to make clear decisions, allow them to solve complex problems and comprehend the world around them. Sleep deprivation, on the other hand, hinders people by not allowing them to think about their options and by making it harder for them to focus on the task at hand. The quantity of sleep an individual has can not only endanger them but also the individuals around them. For example, if an airplane pilot decides to get behind the wheel of the plane after not receiving enough sleep, they would be not

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